Work: A hard choice?

Theresa May

In 2015 the Conservatives promised a £9 per hour living wage. They've now abandoned this pledge, replacing it with a minumum based on 60% of median earnings. Minimum wage is currently £7.50 per hour for workers over 25. For workers in the gig economy, the Conservative manifesto offers a review of protections, but no policies. The most radical change the Tories can imagine is allowing bereaved workers to take unpaid leave, a privilege only the wealthy can afford.

Jeremy Corbyn

The Labour manifesto promises a £10 per hour real living wage by 2020 for all workers over 18. This is a big boost for young people; the current tiered minimum wage guarantees 18 year olds only £5.25 per hour. Labour will outlaw zero hours contracts, providing security and guaranteed hours to all workers and banning unpaid internships. All workers will receive full employment rights from day one, employment tribunal fees abolished and paid paternity leave will be doubled to four weeks. Four extra bank holidays will be added to everyone's statutory entitlement, commemorating the patron saints of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.