Equality: A hard choice?

Theresa May

Multiple reports of gay people facing deportation to unsafe countries were a major feature of Theresa May's time as Home Secretary. This January, May oversaw the introduction of a "rape clause" into child tax credit law, forcing mothers claiming child benefits for a third or subsequent child to prove that the baby was the product of sexual assault. The Conservatives have always been dreadful when it comes to LGBT rights, only under David Cameron beginning to show some pitiful signs of progress. The sad truth is, it's 2017 and the Tories are still trying to normalise homophobia.

Jeremy Corbyn

Since 2015, Labour under Jeremy Corbyn has had the explicit goal of a 50% woman shadow cabinet. Labour will appoint a Violence Against Women Commissioner to oversee central funding for initiatives against domestic and sexual violence, and work to extend abortion rights to Northern Ireland. Labour recognises that there is a lot of work to be done for the LGBT community, and will immediately reform the Gender Recognition Act and the Equality Act 2010, for the further protection under law of trans people. They will also work to close the pay gaps suffered by BAME workers by introducing equal pay audits, required by law from all large employers.