Elderly care: A hard choice?

Theresa May

After years of damaging cuts to NHS finding, it's clear the Tories have no plan for the UK's aging population beyond extorting carers and leaving them homeless after their parents die. The dementia tax proposed by Theresa May is just about as cruel a social policy as one can imagine. They've already started backpedalling, but it's too late – their cards are on the table. As if this wasn't bad enough, they're coming for your pension too.

Jeremy Corbyn

Labour have pledged to keep the "triple lock" on state pensions, keeping them at a minimum in line with inflation, and will guarantee the winter fuel allowance and free bus passes as universal benefits. They will also scrap the "bedroom tax" which has forced many older people out of their homes. Labour will also tackle loneliness as a serious and increasing issue in civil society.