Education: A hard choice?

Theresa May

Education cuts under the Conservatives have led to schools begging parents for financial support and supplies. According to the vast majority of schools face an average cut of £338 per pupil. For infant school children, free school lunches will be scrapped, to fund a 7p per day breakfast for all school children. The Conservative manifesto promises little to ease these cuts, instead focussing on re-introducing unwanted, and unsuccessful grammar schools. They also plan to extend the privatised free schools system, forcing universities to provide schools paid for from tuition fees. Tuition fees have continued to rise under the Tories, to £9,250 per year with interest on loans now reaching 6.1%. It's clear — the Tories have failed us.

Jeremy Corbyn

The Labour Party are pledging to introduce a National Education Service to provide free education for people of all ages. There will be no grammar schools and free schools will be returned to the local education authority. All school children will receive a free school lunch and class sizes will be reduced to below 30 children for children between 5 and 7 years old. Cuts to school budgets will be reversed. University education will be free and grants will be re-introduced. The EMA, which provided funding to allow teenagers to stay on at college will also come back, and under a Labour government, adult learners would be able to re-train for free.