The economy: A hard choice?

Theresa May

The Tories have long argued that a programme of austerity was necessary to recover from the financial crash of 2008, but by every conceivable measure it has been a failure. Cuts to public services have left vital institutions unable to function, productivity has not improved, and hundreds of thousands of families are facing the real prospect of homelessness. The poorest members of society are bearing the weight of the excesses of the financial sector, and the Tories are just fine with it.

Jeremy Corbyn

Labour will transform the UK economy through a fairer tax system, ensuring that only corporations and the top 5% of earners pay more. Those earning less than £80,000 per year are completely unaffected. Labour will ensure that all of the UK, not just London, receives the investment and upgraded infrastructure that is so sorely needed. £250 billion will be spent over the next ten years, reversing the damage that austerity has caused and encouraging local economies to flourish.