Disability: A hard choice?

Theresa May

The Tories have all but criminalised disability. Sharp cuts to welfare payouts have been accomplished through a wasteful and cruel system of continual reassessment. Even looked at from the cold perspective of value for money, the system doesn't save money; instead it redirects revenue to private sector contractors. If you're given a wrong decision by your privately contracted health assessor — who earns more than a nurse — the government insists that regardless of merit, 80% of appeal rejections must be upheld at the mandatory reconsideration stage. Accordingly, deaths have skyrocketed, often by suicide. It's important to remember that the "dementia tax" is targeted at elderly disabled people too. Thousands of people are in abject misery, and any of us could be just one accident or health complaint away from a lifetime of disability too.

Jeremy Corbyn

Labour will immediately scrap the punitive Tory welfare sanctions, working instead towards a social model of disability. This means focusing on inclusion and recognising that although people may have an impairment or medical condition, they are disabled by society. Labour will also increase Employment and Support Allowance by £30 per week, and end the punishing welfare assessment programmes in favour of assessing individuals based on their strengths and capabilities. Recognising the vital role that carers play in society, Labour will also found a National Care Service, increasing the social care budget by £8 billion over the next five years, and raise Carer's Allowance to parity with Jobseeker's Allowance.